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 Describe your teacher(s)!

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PostSubject: Describe your teacher(s)!   12/12/2009, 2:30 pm

Hello UCB! I've decided to do something and that is to decribe the uni teachers that thought you (previously or currently it doesn't matter). Describe them either in a word or statement or comment on a situation that happened or give advices or even quote them! In general whatever your opinion is.. just post it!

C'mon guys join in! It's gonna be fun!

Even if you hate a teacher or have somethings to point out, don't be afraid to express it here!

I'll start!

Dr. Mu5tar: Amusing!
Seriously, he never fails to amuse me with anything he says or does! Very unpredictable and can't deny that he could be comical at times =P Oh and we all know he loves his coffee black with NO sugar! As he says "I don't need sweet in my coffee coz I am sweet." Cute lol! and his over-used yet lovely phrase"I like it!" and "Beautiful!"

Dr Salah : Genius
I really think that he's got brains like...a genius!! It's like his braincells are made of numbers! . Not only that but you get all the news from him. He could turn any small discussion into a heated strong yet interesting argument. I don't know about you guys but I find that amazing.
Oh and I absolutely love the way he teachs! He takes all his students on the same level, even a 7 year old would understand! So no need to feel like an idiot in his class.

Dr. Ahmed: Punctual
Never have I seen him late to class! Ever! It's interesting how someone could be punctual and responsible like that. I think we all compared to him are in the lowest rank under the category tardiness! lol. For some reason I think he is a morning person, unlike most of us =P
About his teaching, I wish most teachers would learn from him. He just have a calm era around him. Doesn't rush things, explains clearly and the most important thing is he doesn't make you feel like an idiot. It's okay to blurt out answers even if they are wrong. He wouldn't throw it back at your face that would insult you. I would definately be aiming in taking most courses with him until I graduate!

Mr Roger: Tricky!
Beware of his exams! It's like he sets booby traps in each and every question! It's so frustrating at times! Before entering his class make sure you drink strong coffee or Red Bull! coz he will always expect you to pay attention and ask questions in a jumbled-like manner! Gaah! And when someone doesn't answer he will have this smug-like smirk that will annoy you. But the good thing about him is that he will repeat something thousand times until you get it. You might find him pretty serious but don't let that faze you coz he's nice. Though he absolutely HATES it when students are late to class. I think he takes that as disrespectful so ...piece of advice don't give him that impression and attend his classes early.

Mr Sami:
If it was on me I would avoid taking classes with him. Obviously we started out on the wrong foot and now I really hope to avoid him but unfortunately fate is too cruel. As a person my friend would describe him as nice and helpful but for me I'd say quiet the opposite.I think he lacks the ability to deliver the information to the students. He needs to work on that. And he has the ability to make us feel like incompitent and thats so not a good feeling. How come I get the lowest grades with only him!?

There you go! These are my insight on the teachers that are teaching me in UCB so what about you?

PS: Any discussions about teachers are also welcomed in this post!

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Describe your teacher(s)!
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